Natural herbal body care

Lip Balm Contains:
Calendula - infused olive oil
Shea butter
Vitamin E oil
Calendula tincture

Various essential oils are used depending on flavor. Lip balm flavors include
• Cheerful Tangerine

• Grapefruit
• Soothing Peppermint

Green Magic Healer Salve Contains:
Comfrey - infused olive oil
Vitamin E oil
Calendula tincture
Lavender essential oil

Comfrey is an herb with skin cell regenerative properties. When applied in the form of a salve or poultice, it works quickly to speed up the healing of minor wounds. My comfrey salve is also very useful for healing cracked and dry hands, feet, or elbows.

$10.00/ oz of Green Magic Healer Salve
$3.00/  any lip balm tube
$10/ oz of any lotion
$10/ oz of Deep Healing Body Balm

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